Siloam Christian Preschool

229 Siloam Road
Easley SC 29642

Ph: (864) 269-3921
Email: [email protected]


Driving Directions

  • Siloam Christian Preschool has an Easley mailing address, but is actually located in Powdersville
  • Siloam Christian Preschool is located in the Family Life Building of Siloam Baptist Church
  • Siloam is located at 229 Siloam Road, but its most prominent entrance is off of Highway 81 (Anderson Road); Entrance to the campus is also available from Powdersville Main street
  • If leaving Powdersville on Highway 81, Siloam is just past Ingles Supermarket on your right
  • If entering Powdersville on Highway 81, Siloam is one quarter mile past the Anderson County Library on your left